Sky: Unfallen


Let’s face it: there’s been pretty much no good news of late if you’re a dedicated reader of Publisher’s Marketplace, Galleycat, et al. And if you’re sitting and reading the latest tasty holiday blend of news–acquiring, hiring, and raises all frozen for various companies–and dire retail predictions, you’re probably a bit freaked out.

I can’t really help you on the “dire retail predictions” front (except to say buy books, which others have done with great gusto), but I can tell you that while there is lots of unhappy headline news, here at Waxman HQ there are spots of light too. So yes–it is deeply, deeply un-fun to get yet another phone call about yet another talented, smart editor who’s been let go. But when the next call’s an offer for that debut writer I’ve been nurturing, or news that a pet project is getting terrific placement in stores, those calls make the gloom seem a little less heavy.

This time of year’s always a little funny in the industry, with holiday cheer pressed up against end-of-year cold hard numbers. And we’re not denying the realities that the economic situation is challenging. Hey, our office party’s theme is “Let’s party like it’s 1929.” But books are getting acquired, and we’re lining up the strongest projects possible, and looking ahead to 2009 with (tempered, realistic) hope.


12 Responses to “Sky: Unfallen”

  1. Despite (or because of) all the doom and gloom, I still want to believe that great projects will get picked up (and not just mine!!!)

    But I’m LOL@your party theme!

  2. PS Last week my local Borders was asking folks to buy an extra book, for a kid, for our local big charity. I thought it was a great way to get folks to spend a little extra money (for a really worthy cause!).

    Yes I did my part *ggg*

  3. Well, I was planning to email you personally and ask if it had indeed fallen. I’m so glad it hasn’t quite.

  4. Love your office party theme!

  5. Always a pleasure to read more good news!

  6. 6 Anon

    It is hard not to get too discouraged. Are you or your editor contacts looking for anything specific right now?

  7. Thanks for the tidings of good cheer! It’s good to know that publishing as we know it is not coming to an end. And I also love the “theme!”

  8. Party like it’s 1929? Darn that prohibition!!

    Glad to hear it’s not falling, though. 🙂

  9. That’s why everyone is getting a book this year for Christmas. Including my sixteen year old brother who will undoubtedly use it to prop up is Playstation.

  10. LOL Maureen!!! Buying my 15 YO a book would be a total waste of money, but I did find one I *think* he might like over at The Swivet blog.

  11. I’ve already received more than $100 in B&N gift cards.
    THE best present in the world.
    God bless bookcases!

  12. Everyone on Santa’s list over here got books this Christmas, too. As long as hope–and booklovers–are alive and well, we’ll all be fine!

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