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Why I Say Yes


Someone asked on Twitter, why so negative with the last post? How about the reasons you say yes? Well, they’re even more subjective than the nos, honestly, and not so interesting. But here you go, why I say yes: I love it, I can sell it, it plays to my strengths as an agent. (Told […]

Why I Say No


A quick off-the-cuff list of reasons I’ve said no to projects–not queries but projects: Great concept, writing didn’t follow through (usually these are things where the person did not include ten-ish pages of writing as requested in my sub guidelines–usually I wouldn’t have requested otherwise) Concept had potential, execution wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t how […]

So earlier here on the blog, we did the 7 deadly publishing sins. Only fair to flip it around to the virtues as well–because let’s face it: it’s more fun to talk about what you should do than what you shouldn’t. CHASTITY Ok, I’m reaching here, but let’s use the metaphysical rather than literal meaning. […]