Why I Say Yes


Someone asked on Twitter, why so negative with the last post? How about the reasons you say yes?

Well, they’re even more subjective than the nos, honestly, and not so interesting. But here you go, why I say yes:

I love it, I can sell it, it plays to my strengths as an agent.

(Told you it was a bit boring.)


4 Responses to “Why I Say Yes”

  1. Hahaha–good answer! Honestly, the decisions you make as an agent are not unlike those made by readers who stop and start various books based on how they appeal to us. If a book at the library doesn’t suit your reading tastes you shelve it! Nothing new there–don’t feel like you have to defend yourself for being a discerning reader! 🙂

  2. 2 Jessica M. Lavallee

    Boring? No way, because these are the things every Writer hopes their Agent will love their book for!

    Thanks Ms. Root!

  3. 3 JohnO

    Well that’s interesting. But now I invite you to go the extra mile: What are your strengths as an agent?

  4. Ditto JohnO. I’d love to hear about your strengths as an agent. Thx.

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