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The Frankfurt Book Fair starts next week and I’m nearly finalized with preparations. An author recently asked me to explain what the Book Fair was like and I realized it wasn’t so easy to encapsulate. At its most basic, it’s an international rights bazaar in which agents and editors from all over the world sit […]

As we prepare for another Frankfurt Book Fair, there is lots to think about this year. While references to the last hours of the Titanic were rampant at last year’s fair, we will see whether things are as bleak as people have predicted. I’m sure attendance will be down, but like every other year, deals […]

There’s a virulent and contagious illness going around, and it’s got ties to the barnyard. Not swine flu, but a little guy I like to call cart-before-horseitis. I am all for authors having career goals and knowing what success looks like for them (bonus points if you can recognize and enjoy it once you meet […]