Frankfurt and E-Publishing


As we prepare for another Frankfurt Book Fair, there is lots to think about this year. While references to the last hours of the Titanic were rampant at last year’s fair, we will see whether things are as bleak as people have predicted. I’m sure attendance will be down, but like every other year, deals will be done, drinks will be raised, and the pleasures of sharing stories with colleagues will continue. I will be traveling over again with Farley Chase who handles the direct sales of our foreign rights, and we are excited about several of our titles this year, from romance fiction to a historical vampire series, a new book from golf great Tom Watson, humor books based on popular blogs, narrative non-fiction about the rare discovery of ambergris, a history of the discovery of the Amazon river, and so much more. We will be meeting with foreign publishers from all over the world who will hopefully find something to like on our list this year. It’s hard to predict what the “hot book” will be, and often, it’s a total surprise.

Also, I’m sure there will be a great deal of attention on the e-books this year, and I will be taking some meetings with various companies on the technology side of things. We are beginning to experiment with our own authors in this area and trying to stay as current as possible. If the numbers on Kindle are what they say (48% of sales where both print and digital are available on Kindle) we are in for some powerful changes even sooner than we thought possible. I don’t see a Napsterization of publishing as some have predicted, as reading is a more active experience than music and the format matters;  still, the growth is amazing. More on that topic in our next post.


2 Responses to “Frankfurt and E-Publishing”

  1. 1 AspiringArtists

    I am curious to hear of your thoughts as to whether or not the published world is truly in peril. Is it the end of us, the traditional, hardcopy romantics?

  2. 2 TLTowle

    I can’t stop laughing! It’s so true. Every hopeful author thinks that they are carrying gold–though maybe gold isn’t the preferred precious metal in a certain market…i.e. these days people seem to prefer white gold or platinum… that doesn;t mean there isn’t a place for your gold, it is simply a matter of being realistic about which markets to (or not to) tackle. AMEN BROTHER!
    ❤ Tammi

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