March=Books, Books, Books


I guess technically every month around here could be described as Books Books Books (can you imagine the neon sign that might illustrate that? maybe some page-flipping action, or something), but this month we really have a bumper crop of new books releasing. Farley and I (Holly) share shelves and as box after box of agent-copies piled up in our space, we just had to laugh at the embarrassment of riches March has to offer.

And because nothing’s real ’til it’s on the Internet, we just had to share.

So what delicious book-goodies are coming your way from the list of Farley Chase this month?

Bone Dogs, by Roger Alan Skipper

A beautiful, atmospheric and “flinty” novel of redemption in Appalachia.

Gonville, by Peter Birkenhead

An astoundingly magnetic, insightful, and (yet somehow) incredibly funny memoir about a shockingly dysfunctional father.

Kid Carolina: R. J. Reynolds Jr., a Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon, by Heidi Schnakenberg

A true-life southern gothic tale of wealth and privilege and, how it all came tumbling down.

Dining With Al-Qaeda: Three Decades Exploring the Many Worlds of the Middle East, by Hugh Pope

A detailed, nuanced and highly readable look at the people and politics of the Middle East, beyond the headlines by a journalist who lived there.

And from my list?

March starts a little early with Susan Kearney’s release this week of JORDAN, the third in her Pendragon Legacy and an excellent reminder to pick up LUCAN and RION if you haven’t already. These books are so terrifically inventive–they’ve got dragonshifters, intergalactic intrigue and romance, and Arthurian legend to boot. If you’ve never tried an SF romance this would be an excellent place to dig in.

Then March 2, I have 3 spectacular debuts in three different genres. Rachel Hawkins with the YA novel HEX HALL; Skylar White with the dark fantasy (with romantic elements) AND FALLING, FLY; and Addison Fox, who kicks off her Sons of the Zodiac paranormal romance series with WARRIOR ASCENDED.

This book is hilarious. And romantic. And has a fabulously twisty and surprising plot. Start reading at 10pm at your own risk because you will want to read it in one big gulp.

A neuroscientist. A fallen angel of desire. One of those people is a vampire…I’ll let you guess which. The writing in this will blow you away.

An exceptionally clever concept-warriors empowered by the signs of the zodiac-and truly emotional romance to boot.

Then on the 16th, a book that I love dearly despite (because of? tough call) my extreme distrust of birds, WINGING IT: A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who’s Determined to Kill Me, which is an absolute must-read for anyone who has a family member (animal or human) who tests the bounds of unconditional love.

While we are jazzed to share these amazing books with you, we are also proud that this month’s titles should give you some idea of the vastly different conversations happening at any given moment inside the hallowed walls of Waxman HQ.

Farley, on phone: Yes, I do think that choice to delve into the inner workings of the regime deepens the reading experience.

Holly, on phone: Yeah, it’s true.  Sometimes the hero and heroine just need to smooch it out.

And you know what? We are both right.


5 Responses to “March=Books, Books, Books”

  1. So many great books I never would have known to try! Thanks for the run down!

  2. I love the contrast between one agent’s authors and books and another 🙂

    I will be reading the intellectual ones, of course. Those are the one’s with the Arthurian slant, right?

  3. What a great month for you!

  4. Just writing a book — any book — an intellectual endeavor. Sitting on the couch, watching the Kardashians: not so much. Bravo to all the March authors and their hard-earned launches!

  5. Good for these authors for earning such glowing words of reccomendation. The reads look as irresistable as warm chocolate chip muffins. Okay cupcakes. Okay freshly iced cupcakes!

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