Quick submissions update


A note on submissions policy–I (Holly) have recently changed my submissions autoresponder. I’m still acknowledging receipt of all submissions (if you send to the submissions address: hollysubmit (at) waxmanagency dot com, you will get a confirmation; if you send to any other address it won’t kick in) but will only be responding if I want to see more materials.

I’m trying it out to see if it helps tighten up my response times on requested fulls & partials–it’ll take a bit of time for that to trickle down. If I am interested you’ll hear a response on your query within 2 weeks. And my goal is to be able to read your materials, should I request them, faster too.

And just for kicks, here’s my current wish list of fiction genres:

-Middle grade, all stripes

-YA (I like funny; if it’s going to be dark I tend to like more literary; open to paranormal, contemporary, you name it)

-Women’s fic, “book club” or very well executed commercial

I do rep romance, urban fantasy, and the occasional mystery. My bar for those is particularly high at the moment, but if in doubt, please do give me a try because I’m always happy to take a look at a query.

As always, thank you for sharing your queries with me–I take them very seriously, and have found (and still am finding!) great authors through queries, so it’s important to me to find ways to keep that line open.


13 Responses to “Quick submissions update”

  1. Holly,
    Thanks for the update. You are on my watch list on QueryTracker.

  2. 2 ikw

    thanks for the update!

  3. I do rep romance, urban fantasy, and the occasional mystery. My bar for those is particularly high at the moment

    Uh-oh. *g*

    Thank you for the update! I very much appreciated the auto-responder when I queried you, by the way.

    I have a semi-related question: I encountered some people on a forum who got confirmation of receipt after they sent you requested partials. Is that standard? I ask because I sent you my partial last month (ALWAYS READ THE FAE PRINT), and now I’m slightly nervous you might not have received it.

  4. 6 Shannyn

    I don’t remember getting an auto-response, but is it safe to assume that if we queried back in Feb, you’re not interested?

    • I had an autoresponder even before this change, and I did reply to all Feb queries so if you didn’t get any sort of response, even the auto, most likely it didn’t make it to me one way or another–feel free to resubmit.

  5. I know this can be a touchy area, Holly, but if you’ve passed on a project, may we submit with a different one?

    • Absolutely! I prefer, like most agents, to not get a pitch for a new one in response to my pass on the first, but if you give me a week or two and then send a new query you’re good to go.

  6. Thanks for this update, Holly.

    And Bethany, I’m not Holly, of course, but I’m pretty sure you’d be more than welcome to query the same agent with a different book, especially if that agent requested pages from you before. In fact, two blogging agents (Nathan Bransford and Kate Schafer Testerman) recently posted about how they ALWAYS want to know if they requested material from you before, as that saves them the inevitable deja vu of recognizing your name (and also makes them see your new query in a more positive light).

  7. Thanks! All info helps and is appreciated!

  8. Thank you for the update.

    I’m polishing up my query letter now and am about to send it to you. I have a (funny) women’s fiction novel.

  9. 13 Alli

    I think this is a great system that will a/ reduce your workload by not having to respond to every query and b/ allow the author to know the query has been received and therefore eliminate any angst about whether the query got lost in cyberspace.

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