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Q&A – Part 1 of 2 1. Let’s talk about the AAR’s Canon that prohibits an agent from charging authors for readings and editorial evaluation. Does that make sense to you? Does that have to change? The idea of an agent charging reading fees has been taboo for quite a while. The reason is somewhat […]

As we prepare for another Frankfurt Book Fair, there is lots to think about this year. While references to the last hours of the Titanic were rampant at last year’s fair, we will see whether things are as bleak as people have predicted. I’m sure attendance will be down, but like every other year, deals […]

Summer Reading


I’ve been spending a lot of my summer on trains back and forth to where my family is spending the summer (yes the Hamptons) and that’s given me time to do some pleasure reading. While I spent last summer tackling the Patrick O’Brian books, originally inspired by my love for sailing but quickly became its […]

I visited the Frankfurt Book Fair last weekend and though the sky may have been falling around the world with the stock market crash, you would never have known it from the boisterous mood. It is amazing to see the international landscape of publishing at work. Someone I know described it as a Turkish bazaar […]